Friday, April 10, 2009

Dill carrots

This is one of my favourite dishes and goes with just about any savoury dish. As you can see, I made some potatoe wedges as well .... just delicious

Peel and slice some carrots and onions (roughly 5 large carrots for 2-3 people and 2 medium sized onions)

Very gently fry carrots and onion in a little oil for around 20 minutes until the carrots look tender.

Add a tsp of dill seeds (I prefer not to use the dill seeds as they are hard to find, so it is optional but if you do use them, it does add a lovely flavour) and continue to fry for another two minutes.

Dilute 1 heaped and one ordinary tsp full of Marmite or any yeast extract in 2 cups of off the boil water and add to the carrots.

Continue to boil fast until liquid has boiled down to at least half and then simmer until the liquid is thicker and stronger looking.


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