Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cows in bed

Sometime ago Jen set us a challenge, to post a recipe that we had either invented or given our very own personal twist to and Lisa presented us with this great recipe because as she said:

"I needed something for supper but was tired of all the usual prospects, While this is just a “hamburger” the taste is changed so it does not taste like the “typical hamburger/cheeseburger”. It is completely an original!".

If you'd like to give this recipe a go just follow Lisa's instructions and pictures below to make your own Cows in Bed.

What you will need

1 ½ lb hamburger

1 medium onion peeled and minced

1 pkg of premade biscuits

1-2 slices of Cheese quartered (optional)

hot sauce (optional)

1 knife, 1 cutting board

1 medium sized bowl

1 fry pan and 1 flipper

1 cookie sheet and 1 cooling rack

~mustard and ketchup


take 1 ½ pounds of hamburger place in bowl take your minced onions in with the hamburger and with your hands blend well...

then roll into 10 roughly the same size balls, once you have the balls you will need to flatten them slightly (but not too thin) place in your frying pan.

 Fry your hamburger for 8-10 minutes flipping once (DO NOT FLATTEN as they are cooking). Once they are done remove from pan and place on the cooling rack that is sitting inside your cookie sheet- this will allow the burgers to cool and drain DO NOT touch them.

Once they are completely cooled about an hour. Then take the biscuits out of the refrigerator and open them as package discribes remove buscuits from its container and seperate them, then take them ONE at a time and flatten them within your hands at the same time you are flattening them you should be also making them bigger once you have done this look at your burgers and find one that looks like it will fit within your buscuit.

Now if you want cheese on them place chees on buscuit then hamburger on top now pull the buscuit around your burger completely covering the burger and cheese. Place on the baking sheet you had them draining on (but first wipe the tray off to remove fat DO NOT wash it).

Once you have done this to ALL your burgers place a tooth pick in all the ones with cheese (I do this step as I am placing them on the cookie sheet so I do not forget.) bake as per directions for the buscuits. Dont worry the time is plenty of time to make the burger hot again.

When they are done remove them from the oven and let cool for a few minutes then place them on a serving platter. I take mustard and ketchup and mix them together (¼ c catsup to 1/3 cup of mustard mixed well) place a dollup of the mixture on your plate and enjoy. You can serve this with what ever side dishes you enjoy- but since this is a “finger”meal I usually serve with chips and carrot and celery sticks or what ever is available.

To reheat do not reheat in your microwave as it makes the buscuit moist again and too chewy I recommend they be placed in your toaster oven or back in your oven. For 10-12 minutes

You do not have to use cheese, if you prefer not too. careful tho as to which cheese you use,because some are wetter then others and this will alter the buscuit, I use what is considered yellow american cheese.

This makes an AWESOME on-the-go food

I wait til the are cooled to place inside the buscuit because I do not want it too cook the inside of the buscuit too much to make mushy,which is also why I drain them. Also,these tend to be filling.

Enjoy :-)


Lala's Pequenos said...

Bonus if you can put it on a stick :)
Great idea! I'm sure kids would love it.

katlupe said...

That looks like a new twist on the plain cheeseburger thing! Thanks.

Megan said...

Yum! We're going to have to try this recipe!

Kool Crafts and Arts said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments :-)

Kimberly said...

Wow...great idea. I have never heard of this before...but looks good! Following you now from blog frog! Nice to meet you! ~Kimberly


Anonymous said...



I stopped by from blogfrog. I enjoyed my visit.


Little Smartass said...

I hope for anyone who have tried these found them enjoyable. They are Unique because it was my own idea- stemmed from wanting something that tasted different- thus this was created!


Angie said...

Oh my goodness, those look so good!